2014-05-10 14:36    Guestbook

Guestbook is back online, and I made some small changes to the menu.
2014-03-14 19:01    New function

You can now watch your progress week by week. Just go to your stats page and press the link "Stats progress" under your name.
2014-02-23 14:06    Update to top players

Made some changes to top players

If you want to be on the list you have to

1. Run rsstats
2. Dont change your name when you are in game
3. Play at least 50 rounds per week
2013-09-01 10:52    Update stats

Have done some changes to match history. You can now view more matches back in time.
2013-02-02 11:43    Forum

The forum is back online
2013-02-01 19:57    New ISP

Got m